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“I grew up on a family farm where we raised cattle and also operated our family’s sawmill. After moving to Cape Girardeau County, I began my tenure with the Cape Girardeau Police Department. Here, I served our community in a variety of roles, which allowed me the opportunity to get to know the people of Southeast Missouri. I have always fought to protect the rights of the people of this state and now I want to advocate for them in Jefferson City.”
~Barry Hovis

Education is the cornerstone of this modern society. Barry wishes to ensure that every member of our district has reasonable access to a public education or alternatives that will allow them to further themselves and our district in the future.  All while emphasizing local control and parental involvement in educational decisions. Barry will also focus on improving efficiency in our education sector and reducing the bureaucracy associated with education initiatives.




Property Rights & Agriculture

Barry understands the right of every citizen to own and maintain their property. He will work to ensure that property rights are protected and regulations are reasonable.


Barry also values the importance of Agriculture to our state economy and will seek to ensure regulations do not threaten the health of this industry and promote the importance of agriculture to the growth of our state. Being homegrown and farm-raised Barry understands the vitality of family farming operations in the State of Missouri.


Job Creation 

Jobs are vital to members of this district and Barry understands that. Barry will work to help maintain the standards of living in our district while seeking to increase job creation and promote economic growth for the area. 




Health is necessary for a full and happy life, that is why Barry supports citizens having many avenues to access it. Barry wishes to focus on increasing industry efficiency and citizens having the ability to purchase healthcare at a reasonably fair market price. Health is vital and Barry wants to ensure you have the ability to be the healthiest you. 



National & State Defense 

Defense is pertinent to the health of our state and our country. Barry knows you need to feel safe and be secure in your daily lives. That is why he supports protecting the size of our forces as a state and a nation, the fair application of the Patriot Act in gathering intelligence for defense and the continued coordination of state and national entities for homeland security needs. Barry understands your feelings and he will defend your voice in Jefferson City.


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